The advantages of the Flex Leasing solution include (but are not limited to):


  • Proven fleet uptime of over 99%
  • Only One Scheduled 8 Hour Annual Maintenance
  • Reliable Operation in Harsh Environments
  • Generator Breaking Resistor Package Included to stabilize volatile loads


  • Ability to burn High BTU Gas up to 2500 BTU
  • Ability to burn Tank Vapor Gas
  • Ability to burn 100% Propane, Ethane
  • Ability to burn H2S up to 10,000 ppm
  • Ability to burn gas with as high as 70% CO2


  • 24/7 Service Response Team
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Operating Data Collection
  • Automatic communications for alarms and trips




  • Trailered or Skid mounted outdoor units
  • Low Emissions with NOx, 8-10 times cleaner than reciprocating engine generators
  • Paralleling and Synchronization controls
  • Low sound enclosure (~63 dB @ 10 m)
  • Ability to start up to 125 HP load direct on line (single Flex Turbine)

Flex Leasing Power and Service deploys the Flex Turbine® to use the widest range of gases, including flare gas, wellhead gas, tank vapor gas, even H2S (up to 1%) content gas. The Flex Leasing fleet has proven high uptime availability of over 99% providing 24/7 critical power. Multiple units are automatically paralleled and synchronized to match available gas flows and optimize remote power generation.


Flex Leasing Power and Service is supplying these advantages with the Flex Turbine in tough environmental conditions.

  • Deploying Clean Reliable Distributed Power to Fit Remote Power Needs
    • Reduce OPEX by minimizing unit lifting costs using unprocessed site gas
    • Increased production revenue
    • Minimized environmental footprint
  • Oil & Gas Producers Receive
    • Power where it is physically needed, when it is needed
    • Remote power with better reliability than a utility and minus the large infrastructure costs
    • Environmental compliance with a wide range of waste gas
      • Eliminate diesel use
      • Use wellhead gas, flare gas or waste gas existing on-site
    • Generate clean reliable electricity with high uptime Flex Turbines